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The Silky Route – Towards clean energy for all

Steef Korfker (DC Chair E-Mobility) with DC E-Mobility specialist Rob Heijtink and DC Secretary General Hang Nguyen
Steef Korfker (DC Chair E-Mobility) with DC E-Mobility specialist Rob Heijtink and DC Secretary General Hang Nguyen

E Mobility as the linking pin to all clean energy initiatives. With that statement the DC E Mobility Forum is ready to spread this new way of transport globally. Transport keeps the economy running. To change only one part of it would disrupt the system, the whole chain must change accordingly. The “Silky Route” stands for the proven method for governments around the world to switch to smart- and clean mobility and benefit from it. In principle the basic changes that need to be made are the same anywhere in the world. The local factors may differ, the actions are the same. We need not worry about the available technique or innovation, it’s all there. This mission is based on social acceptance. In this case, that also means: accepting to be social; switch from the competitive- to the creative mind, stop looking inside the earth to give us the recourses we need, but looking up instead to the power that comes from sun, wind and water.

Earth gave mankind the resources to create our civilizations. Over the past centuries, it has started to take its toll on our planet. Our economy is focussed on financial growth and welfare. Now we have to ask ourselves how we explain future generations that it was ‘so good for the economy’, when they cannot farm the land, breathe the air, or drink the water. When we define economy and take another glance at our planet, we see that our balance on the account of Mother nature’s bank is a negative one. So now it’s time to give resources back to our planet. It gave us the resources to develop the technologies to do so.

The apple

The legacy of the apple Eve took from paradise, is still following us. When commercial companies think of food, financial growth is more important than health and animal welfare. Furthermore, we are looking at draining the planets oil reserves within 300 years since we started using it as fossil fuels. It took our planet 150 million years to create it. Amongst other things, the global CO2-level has never been this high over the past 650.000 years. In 2014, it doubled average of this period.

Competition drives us

Over the past decades, several inventors have developed ground breaking technologies, which would contribute to a better world. However, due to our competitive nature, many of these technologies never spread on a global scale. Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were two leaders in the electrical revolution in the late 19th century. First they were colleagues, later competitors. Tesla invented wireless electricity transportation and TL lighting, but both inventions were killed due to Edison’s alternatives. Imagine what they could have achieved would they have collaborated.

Energy and mobility transition

Fortunately, Nikola Tesla developed the AC electrical motor. This made the development of the company Tesla Motors possible. A new company which is reinventing the automotive and mobility market. Tesla states that they are not a car company, but an energy innovation company. They change the way we behave regarding mobility and energy, by giving us the possibility to drive electric and rethink the way we use energy with their Power Wall. Additionally, Tesla believes in cooperating and sharing; they have released all of their patents.

Free energy will impact our economy

Companies like Tesla inspire us to access free energy. By storing our own generated energy trough solar panels and windmills in our in-home batteries. This allows us to facilitate our own energy needs, which makes us independent from the grid of centrally produced power. However, it will impact our economy when energy production is de-centralized. This is where governments need to make firm choices: Yes there will be changes in our so beloved economic system. But let’s ask ourselves this: “Can we afford to let this momentum pass by?”

Our brains for responsibility

What we have learned now, is that we use our brains to compete. We need to switch from competing, to being creative- and productive. Use our brains to take responsibility, to take care for others, for the planet. We have the technologies and manpower, now it’s time to start using them for the greater cause. We need a single one-size-fits-all approach for our transition to 100% renewable energy and sustainable mobility.

The Silky Route

Our one-size-fits-all approach is based on our strongest capability. The reason why mankind rules the world; cooperation. A recent study showed that the reason why we mankind rule the world, is because we can cooperate on a large complex scale. In an example, the study used a case where people and monkeys on an unmanned island. Put one monkey plus one human on an island, and the latter is less likely to survive. However, put thousand monkeys on that island, and there will be chaos. A thousand humans will create complex structures to survive. Some will hunt, some will farm, other build shelters. In present day, planet Earth is our island. We need to cooperate on a global level to survive on our island.

Companies are making it possible

Car companies like BMW are giving us the options to take our responsibility, by creating electric vehicles in energy neutral factories and sustainable materials. BMW’s chairman of the board Dr. Norbert Reithofer announced that BMW will convert their whole fleet to electric vehicles. He stated that companies like Tesla motivate them to accelerate their steps into become a sustainable mobility provider.

Giving Back

What we used to call “energy-production”: extracting fossil fuels form under the surface turns out to be merely consuming. We can and need to start with the actual production of energy trough renewable resources like windmills and solar panels. Instead of consuming energy, each individual can take responsibility to produce more energy than he uses. Only then we will start receiving cheques from mother nature.

Trough Trias Energetica

This is our silky route. This is our ‘one size fits all’ approach to 100% renewable energy and sustainable mobility. It’s a model developed by the Dutch technical university TU Delft, and it is the most efficient and logic way to take the world into sustainability. First, we start reducing our energy demand. Isolate our walls, install LED lighting, drive smaller- or smarter cars. Then, we start using sustainable energy sources. Instead of fossil fuels, we use renewable energy off the grid. In the first two steps, we’ve actually saved money, because we are using less energy. Then, finally, we use that money to individually invest in sustainable energy production. Solar panels on our roof, or investments in windfarms.
Now we’re energy independent; we our responsible for our own renewable energy production. All excess energy each individual produces, will be used to help others. This is how mankind can cooperate on a global scale, to survive on our planet. Let’s start today…

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